I have high blood pressure and/or heart problems, am I still able to do this course? 

No, this course is not recommended or suitable for individuals with those conditions.

What should I wear and take?

Anything comfortable: we recommend yoga pants or leggings as your knees, hips and feet need to be visible. A tight thin top and thicker baggy outer layer are essential, plus a hand towel and water. A Yoga mat is required to act as a cushion when kneeling

I’ve not been to a gym in years and I’m out of shape. Can I still participate?

Yes of course! If you are in a general good state of health we actively encourage those who haven’t done much exercise lately (or ever!) to join us. The basic course is designed to be a leveller. As this is such a new type of exercise program, no one will be particularly knowledgable in it, which we think is great, as the whole class gets to learn together.

In the last trial in January 2016 all of the participants at different levels of fitness noticed significant toning of the body.

Are the class sizes huge? I can sometimes lack confidence in social situations. 

Nope. We aim to keep class sizes small and friendly, we find that this really helps the group to bond. Roncametrics is not only focused on your health, we want you to make new friends and socialise, creating a support network of people for you to grow with.

I have a physical disability but want to improve my fitness.

We are currently working to develop our program to make it fully accessible. Why not get in touch with tina.roncametrics@gmail.com directly who is delivering Roncametrics for those who have chronic pain?

I’m already pretty fit and healthy. Do I have to start at the basic level?

Short answer? Yes. This course is going to teach you how to use your body in a way you’ve probably never used it before. By starting at the basic level, you will gain a greater understanding of how your body works and reduce risk of injury.

I can’t attend the three week course. Can I attend the maintenance classes instead?

Only participants who have completed the programme may attend the maintenance classes.