Intensive 3 Week Courses

Roncametrics Wellbeing Course

A six session course, twice weekly, for three weeks.

This course guarantees a change in your attitude towards your everyday movement and teaches you how to breath effectively so that the core is consciously activated outside of the sessions.

Learn how to relax muscle groups whilst activating others, learn how to stretch and flow energy around your body, learn how to maintain good posture and alignment in a stress- free way, learn how to laugh at ourselves when we assume we are all built in the same way and more importantly, given our incredibly busy lives, learn how to dedicate 3 hours a week to recharging our own batteries.

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In every trial we have conducted, in the first session we have taken measurements of the  Bicep, Chest, Waist, Hips, Thigh and Calf and recorded them, then measured them again after the sixth session.

Each client who has completed the course reduced their measurements significantly. The norm is 10cm but in the 2016 trial, one client reduced 33cm.

The cost of this course is usually £90 

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In January 2018, ‘Roncametrics’ launched across the UK

Intensive 3 week courses have started to roll out across the country.

For classes in;

Devon contact;

Worcester Park and Surrey contact; tanya.ronca,

London/Glasgow contact

Birmingham contact

Carlisle contact

Newcastle contact monica.roncametrics@gmail.

Glasgow contact ;



Before the course begins you will be asked to complete a booking, health declaration and wellbeing form. When you attend the first session you will record the initial measurements of your bicep, chest, waist, hips and thigh and calf.

On the last session your latest measurements will be compared to those at the start.

Week one: The first section of the program explores attitudes towards ones own body and focuses on the location and isolation of muscle groups,  posture, breathing, alignment, resistance work and mental focus.


Week two: The second section of the program focuses on playfulness, Isometric counterbalances and stretching, plus the core exercises.


Week three:  In the final section, the whole program is taught plus the yoga-based cool down.

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You will see the results! Click here to have a look at some feedback from our previous groups!

What Next?

The three week Roncametrics course will give you enough knowledge and understanding of how to do the exercises correctly and you will experience the results. On completion of the course you will be given the opportunity to attend a weekly maintenance class to help you keep in shape available at an affordable cost per session. Maintenance classes are only available to participants who have completed The Roncametrics Wellbeing course.

Due to demand in Cumbria, we have also started a weekly Back Pain Therapy class that shortly will be available throughout the UK (Cost £8 per session)

contact for more information

The Chronic Pain Therapy class teaches you ; how to use your core muscles properly, re-educates your posture, teaches you different breathing techniques for different activities and shows you how to relax your body properly.


These are exciting times! Further courses and classes to be announced soon. Our teacher trainers are busy sourcing venues to bring these amazing courses to a place near you.